Mariner Finance Troutville Virginia Review


This company will call you if you are 2 days late on a payment and completely nice on the phone but I have requested a payment coupon book 5 times and they can’t get it to my address. They can send me a letter saying my payment hasn’t been made but they can’t send me a coupon ook, email reminder or allow you to schedule payments in advance. I refuse to pay them prior to the due date because I can’t stand the website or company. If you try to look up anything on the website all it tells you is the account number. No history so if you don’t recall the last payment you made too bad. No current statement. No balance left or total loan less payments. Nothing. All you can do is make a payment on that specific day. I’m sorry I want more information. I have no idea when my loans is paid in full because I can’t even figure out what the status of the account is. Then you’re gonna call me and act ike I am at fault because I didn’t remember to make the payment. Just cannot believe that they even have a website as it looks like a Kindergartener created it.

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