Maritime Services of Charleston Review


Everyone in this town knows Mark is a crook. I honestly think his father told him at one time that as long as he was following the law, it was OK to burn someone as long as you earned a dollar. There is a fine line when getting morals confused with law. I was once in a situation where I needed help on a deal with Mark Beasenburg, a deal where he sold me a boat that wasn’t in the shape he had described, and my father had just passed away. I actually think the boat was sunk at one time. Mark could have cared less, and I ended up having to spend even more money on that boat after the deal. And the boat had 2 years of bad taxes to boot, that I had to pay for! He said he couldn’t help out because he had bad debt he had to deal with, BIG SURPRISE. I noticed that Mark lost his father a few years ago, maybe he’s grown up a little since then. Either way, whoever reads this, DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH BEASENBURGs!

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