Mark Gerrald and Sharon turner


I was told I was hired for the secret shopper program explaining all the details of the company. I was told that I would be paid 200 per job. a day or so later I was sent a fedex package with 3 diff money orders from money gram totaling 2400. I was told to deposit these money orders into my account, take the commission and submit the remaining to the next secret shopper. since it was from the secret shopper network that I had just applied, I thought it was accurate and good to go.. well, today, my account is negative. it was a scam. don’t be stupid like I was. do your research. I am shocked and mad at myself bc I am very detailed and spot something off right away.. I am hoping that these people can be caught and my bank can work with me to fix my account into good standings.. I am broke. no money in m y account now..

Names used: Mark Gerrald and Sharon Turner
Email used: [email protected]. I demand Prison. Stay away

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