Mark Taylor apartments Scottsdale Arizona


Complaint: I wanted everyone to know that when they are searching for a apartment to live to NEVER rent from a mark Taylor apartment. There is so many lies they give and they don’t tell you all of what you need to know. I finally moved out on my own my very first apartment and it was a different company. I had minor complaints and everything was great. Than mark Taylor took over for one month that I was there and when I left the old complex that had different choices in how they would charge me to leave were not there to support me anymore and mark Taylor without telling me gave me a surprise phone call telling me I owe 480 bucks in damages and cleaning. My heart dropped to the floor they never told me of this and the company before them told me I didn’t owe anything when I leave but now it wasn’t that company. I feel robbed, I feel helpless and I feel like crying every five minutes cause I can’t get this sinking feeling out of my stomach. Here I am finally out in my own and this miltibillion dollars company calls and tell me I need to pay a surprise fee. They take advantage of people and I know many other great places that wouldn’t do the things this mark Taylor did to me. I would like to fight them. I had no idea that when the new complex took over they would take over my life. I do not have that money. I’m broke enough with full time school and part time cashier. I just want to warn people out there looking to rent. Please don’t be fooled by them. I’m sure they are great when you live there but they will do anything to nickel and dime you. I’m sure that’s why they have so much money now. I never would have even been with this company if I didn’t have them take over the other company I signed up with.

Tags: Family Services

Address: 7701 e Osborn rd Scottsdale, Arizona USA


Phone: 480-991-9111

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