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This “dealership” was hired to replace two motor mounts, a transmission mount, both lower ball joints and install a camber kit and alignment. Within one week the driver’s side motor mount was loose and missing bolts, the passenger motor mount was cracked, the passenger side ball joint was damaged and my vehicle was still pulling to the left. Even after having spent “Four Hours on the Alignement rack” according to Guy Mish, supposed Manager. I was told by Guy Mish to take it in and get it diagnosed, since his shop is two hours from me. I did and was told by several different shops including a major gmc buick dealership that the damage done to my car was due to poor workmanship. When I heard this I immediately contacted Guy Mish and asked to be reimbursed for the diagnoses and to make arrangements to have my car repaired while I waited. I sure as hell didn’t want to leave my car with him for another five days only to have them screw something else up. I was told that his mechanics couldn’t install two motor mounts a ball joint and realign a car in one day. I guess his mechanic is a novice, Mercedes Benz, Kelley Buick GMC and two other dealerships said they could and would, while I waited. This company is a complete scam, they offer you a loaner car and when you drive somewhere in it, it dies. I was then accused of driving the loaner vehicle while it overheated. First off, they are a “repair facility” why would they give me a piece of junk with 236000 miles on it knowing I lived two hours away? also, why doesn’t the temperature gauge work in their loaner vehicle, especially if they want you to keep an eye on it? .

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