Marlo Furniture Company, Inc. Review


I wish to strongly complain as to the horrible experience encountered with Marlo Customer Service on September 19, 2019 at about 3:45 PM. I called (301-738-9000) to arrange a delivery time for a purchased couch. I spoke with someone who identified themselves as only “Barbara” and tried to get her to understand that a time is needed so as to arrange for acceptance of the furniture. This person told me that Marlo schedules deliveries and that no changes could be made. She further said that she “did not have to give me any information”, that she “has no Supervisor or Manager” to whom I can speak and would not further identify herself. Further, she would not give me the address of the Marlo Corporate Office or the contact of any other person who would work with me. | This person is highly obnoxious and objectionable. It is difficult to believe that Marlo is aware that they have such a vile person working as a Customer Service Representative. Obviously, this person should be removed from contact with the public. It is fortunate that there are several internet outlets wherein this atrocious experience can be set forth for the protection of other shoppers. | I assume that Mr. Glickfield is actually President of Marlo in that, given calls to several Marlo numbers, no one would tell me who the Company President is or the address to which he can be mailed.


  • Name: Marlo Furniture Company, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Brandywine
  • Address: 7900 Cedarville Rd
  • Phone: 301-782-3800
  • Website:

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