Marriott Vacation Club Honolulu Hawaii Review


Don’t join Marriott’s Vacation Club unless you are very rich… A few years ago, Marriott Vacation Club (NYSE: VAC) became its own new company when it split off from Marriott International (NYSE: MAR) ever since then there has been a gradual departure from the high integrity and morals of the original company which was led by the wonderful Bill Marriott, and his father before him J. Williard Marriott Sr. going back to 1929. This new company (VAC) only licenses the Marriott name. This new company is led by a bunch of greedy individuals who are only focused on bringing in more revenue today, at all costs. If you have just purchased, you might be able to cancel within the first week. If you are thinking of buying into Marriott Vacation Club, you might be much better off looking on ebay for a resale week and I’ll revisit this topic again at the end of my article. Marriott has been selling timeshares for the past 30 years, and don’t misunderstand me, many are very nice. For the first 25 years, anyone who purchased a Marriott timeshare would receive a deeded week to whatever one resort you had selected or no doubt was visiting at the time of purchase. So that meant every year, or maybe every other year if you did a bi-annual deal you knew exactly what sized room you would have for 7 nights and also what type of view; e.g. mountain or ocean. Now if you wanted to go elsewhere, to either another Marriott property or another deluxe timeshare somewhere else in the world, it was possible by paying fees and depositing your week into a trading network, Interval International, and if you were a real good advance planner you could do your trade, but with the Marriott brand there is very little inventory place in for trading. Roughly 5 years ago at the time of the split off from the original Marriott, the new greedy leaders and management came up with a clever way to outsmart everybody and provide a dis-service to their owner customers from the past 25 years. The new leadership revolutionized the product completely, put all 50 resorts into own new club, created a new currency called the destination point, and essentially anyone who has bought in these past few years is an equal owner to all 50 resorts. Instead of the paperwork being a deeded week to one resort, it is all legal with points and mumbo jumbo about a Florida land trust. How they outsmarted everyone covers includes: a) no one resort can ever sell out, because they just keep selling points so in theory if your preferred place is sold out there has to be somewhere you can go b) they completely eliminated the lockoff concept that timeshare owners have utilized for years. Say if you bought into a 2-br for one week, you can turn it into two weeks by only staying in the smaller side. Its a nice concept that many old school timeshare owners have utilized. c) Although the legacy owners from the first 25 year shave their deeded week, they are often pestered with phone calls and emails encouraging them to lookover to converting to the point system, charging their old customers thousands of dollars to convert while also selling them more points in addition to the devaluated points they received at conversion time for their trade in. d) now each individual day at a Marriot resort costs a certain amount of points, but instad of being one simple points chart there are dozens. Weekends cost more than weekdays, various season issies, various floor plans, various views make it quite confusing and you know what they say “the devil is in the details””. Plus every two year snow Marriott increases the number of points that it costs to stay each individual day within all the all other category details just mentioned: day



room size. You really need a calculator with you to make sure you know what each vacation costs in points. e) If you don’t use your points

you loose them. You can bank your points for the following year if you remember to do it

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