Martin & Wall, LLC. Review


Well, I’ve never done any business with anyone as horrible as Jessica Martin. My experience mirrors that of others in that at best she’s completely unqualified to be a GAL, but it’s more likely she is just completely negligent and indifferent to the needs of Children. | To be absolutely clear, I would not allow her to represent a cat, much less a child. She was too bothered to review clear evidence, too busy to show up to dispositions, sat in front of me with a notebook and a poker face asking lame questions, used the money I paid her to take trips abroad, and tried to convince everyone, including the lead detective that the bruises on my daughter were a figment of my imagination. | I specifically told her my daughter was in danger and she blew me off, and the end result was my daughter being taken by the state into protective custody and placed into a foster home for almost two months. My experience mirrors that of another review I saw, where the individual complained about her just taking their money and not doing anything meaningful in return. | If you are considering her for your case, RUN AWAY. If she’s already on your case, demand she be disqualified. She’s certainly not. This is not a unique case, Jessica is known to ignore abuse. While her recommendations don’t appear to make any sense, my “recommendation” is clear, avoid her like the plague if you care about your child.


  • Name: Martin & Wall, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Ozark
  • Address: 120 N 2nd Ave
  • Phone: 1 417-731-4200
  • Website:

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