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i took my old engine to him and to use some of the parts from it to build a new engine for which some new parts are going to be purchased.I was quoted a price of 3,200.00 for parts and labor and that it would take 3 weeks to do the job.the next week i stopped by the shop and my engine was in hundreds of that point in time he asked for a 1,000.00 dep for parts.for which i bought him the next day.i would stop by his shop every week and nothing was being done to the engine ,this went on for 41/2 months.I finally confronted and told him that this was getting out of hand and that i deserved a discount on the price.his remark was to give him a couple days and he would have my stuff together and to take it somewhere else.2 days later i get a phone call from him and he tells me that he has my stuff together and to come pick it up and that i owe him 514.00 more dollars and that i had to pay him in cash because if i wrote him a check i could cancel it. although he did not have a problem taking a check before..Of course when i went to pick the motor up it was still in pcs.I feel that i was totally scammed out of some of my money and totally misrepresented about the deadline of completion of the job And as far as new parts his bill showsl only 634.71. I demand ifeel i should have some money returned and that thi should be posted by BBB so other consumers are aware of his business dealings. Stay away

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