Masonite Corp silver spring Review


Do Not Buy Any Masonite Products, sold through Home Depot. Lowes, Hardware & Lumber Yards or Door Distributors like BWI-Bridgewater Wholesalers in PA. There VP Brock Ryall is a real Loud Mouth & total a*s. They buy the door slab from Masonite and add the door jam, glass etc as Home Depot, Lowes or any order for you. So when you have a problem, it goes to who you bought it from and then to BWI. In my case One door came warped so I called the place I got it from ASAP. They tell me that BWI told me not to paint it for several months and see if it warps back, which it did not. By than two of the doors hinges were rusted and others the seal under the door was broke. They kept blaming it on the installer but after six months of arguing they finally sent a man to do the repairs. They replaced the one door, rusted hinges and door seals. A few months later the door was warped again and some of the hinges rusted. They already admitted it was not an installation issue. I called Brock Ryall and he just said he was going to tell the hardware store to sell me another door and he was going to have him man come here and take back the doors. That is the dumbest M/F I have every dealt with. I called Masonite since they were responsible for the warped door as well. There I reached a Ranell Tinsley who had something to do with there legal dept but not an attorney. She said it was sent to there legal dept. Their attorney Donald Tyler is a complete moron! He send me a e mail stating since I did not paint the door the day it was installed, the warranty was void. I told him there warranty is very clear about painting the door and it states the dooor has to be painted within 45 days after installation, which it still says. Than he said to me, the door was replaced once when it was installed new, so that is the life time of the door. I said it does not state this anywhere in there warranty, but he just said this is how he understands it to read. This attorney is a labor attorney and know nothing able wood much less doors. Once this is done, no one in the company will talk to you. Even if you get the VP or Prseident, they never allow you to talk to them. Magnuson-Moss warranty Act from 1975 wanted to make sure comsumers had all the information about warranties. It has to state what the warranty is and in simple terms. None of the legal crap. It give you the right to file suit and collect attorneys fees. The best I can say about this is,if you see limited LifeTime Warranty, Beware. Also your state may have some rules as well. Many of these limited lifetime warranties can eithe repair or return your money. I purchased three of these crap Masonite doors and even if I got my money back, I still lose all the installation labor it cost me to have this crap installed. Also if you buy from a company that may be unstable, if they go out of business, you have no warranty. Masonite has and still is in bankruptcy for several years now, chapter 11. I am going through the same thing with Certainteed windows made by Viwinco. I had a limited Lifetime warranty but they split companies, so neither want to honor the warranty. You can buy insulated windows cheap, but when the seal breaks, it will cost you more than the window installed cost you in the first place. Now according to Certainteed, the only part that was lifetime was the vinel frame. Bottom line, dont ever buy Masonite, no matter who you get it from, Masonite has the final say and if you ever hear the names above, you may as well nail the pr***s.

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