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Complaint: I am having a problem with a local car dealer and I want everyone to know what a Ripoff they really are. On March 23, 2005 I drove my car to Massey-Yardley Chrysler Jeep on State Road 7 in Plantation to have my car looked at because the check engine light was on, and the engine was running rough. Later that afternoon I was contacted by the Service Manager who informed me that the car needed a tune up and valve cover gaskets. I told him to go ahead with the recommended repairs. The next day I was informed by them that the engine was full of sludge and needed an engine flush. I declined this service, and declined their recommendation to have a cooling system and fuel system flush. After a couple days I went to their shop to check on the status of my car. After finding the mechanic and asking him how the repairs were progressing, he informed me that the engine was making terrible noises and now the engine oil light was on. He said that the engine flush would be needed to solve this problem. I told him to do what ever they needed to do to solve the problem since it wasn’t like that when I brought it to them, and I couldn’t drive it home without any oil pressure. A few days later I went there again to check on my car. During a conversation with the mechanic, I was told that during the engine flush the machine malfunctioned and the cleaning fluid blew back through the engine and covered everything with the cleaning fluid. He assured me that they would clean the engine, and everything else coated with the fluid. He also told me that the engine flush was not successful in restoring the oil pressure, and now they needed to remove the oil pan and clean it. After a couple days I was called and told my car was ready. Upon arriving to pick up my car, I was told by the Service Manager that the mechanic was just finishing cleaning the engine. When I met the mechanic at the wash bay, he told me that he sprayed down the engine with water, and now it wouldn’t start. He told me that he would look at it and someone would call me back. Again, after a few days I was contacted and told that me car needed a new distributor because it was faulty and not putting out any spark. I inquired that it was another odd coincidence that the distributor went bad in their care, but they informed me that getting the engine wet had nothing to do with the distributor going bad. They told me they could replace the distributor and get it running for an additional $300. I told them to do what they had to since the car was running when I took it to them. I asked them if they thought after all of this, if I should get a tow truck to bring my car home. After a few more days I was contacted and told my car was ready. I went there and told them to bring me my car before I paid the bill now totaling $2193.61. After examining my car I refused acceptance because it didn’t run any better than it did when I took it to them. They told me that it probably had a spark plug fowled out because some of the engine cleaning fluid was still in the engine. They told me they would again check the spark plugs and get back to me. The next day they called me and told me that they had found a bad spark plug and replaced it. I could come and pick up my car. When I arrived I found my car with the same engine miss as when I brought it to them. They assured me that it was as good as my car would run. At this point I was at my wits end in dealing with their incompetence. With my reluctance, I gave them a check and wrote in protest in the memo. I also signed the repair invoice and noted in protest under my signature, although the invoice stated that All repairs performed have been reviewed with me to my satisfaction. The next day after getting my car back, the check engine light appeared again. I immediately took the car to an ASE Certified mechanic in my neighborhood. He told me to bring it in the next morning. Within a few hours of examining my car the next day, he informed that a fuel injector was bad. I told him to go ahead and fix it, and he returned my car the same day in perfect running condition for $445.92. Within a couple weeks I received a threatening letter from Massey-Yardley stating that if I didn’t make good on the check with additional charges, they would have me prosecuted under Florida’s Worthless Check Laws. I called the Business Manager there to explain the circumstances and arrange a compromise, but they refused. About two weeks ago I received a letter from their Attorney, who informed me that he will be pursuing a civil suit against me on their behalf. I am also fearful that they will try to place a lien on my vehicle. In total, my car was in their possession for over two weeks. They received my car on March 23, 2005 and didn’t return it until April 7, 2005. It is my belief that they were negligent in their repair of my vehicle, and fraudulent in billing me for the repairs that they caused. I wish that I had done my homework before dealing with this company, and found the website Ripoff that has commentary from other unsatisfied customers. It appears that I am not the only one being charged for unnecessary repairs. Al Plantation, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: 777 North State Road 7 Plantation, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 954-327-4000

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