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I was first contacted by Mastering E-commerce on 13 December 2016 via e-mail. They offered their “service” to promote my award-winning “educational” quiz book series and “wildlife” jigsaw puzzles on I asked if I could instead have “best selling” products the focus of my yet-to-be set-up account, and they said, “yes.” | On 15 December 2016 Tracey Anderson (my “contact” person) wrote: “We’re only looking for 50 associates for the coaching program.” A few days later, I said that I am only interested in the “Limited” program where everything is done for me. For this program only 10-20 spots were available, and I expressed my definite interest. | I contacted the San Diego BBB to ask if there were any “complaints” filed against Mastering E-commerce, and the agent said nothing is on file. She said that they keep records of “complaints” for 3 years, and it was my understanding that Mastering E-commerce was around for 7 years (according to Tracey Anderson). I also asked this Tracey Anderson lots of questions which she promptly answered, and so, I felt confident that everything would be okay to proceed. | On 30 December 2016 I “wired” $1,995 from my Credit Union to the Mastering E-commerce account held at the San Marcos branch of Chase (their bank). | Also on 30 December 2016, Tracey A. (Anderson) wrote: “I’ll send you a copy of the signed agreement & Mastering E-commerce document you asked for.” SHE NEVER DID! | On 5 January 2017 Lisa P. (another staff member) wrote: “Yes, the wire has been received today.” On 26 January 2017 Tracey A. (Anderson) wrote: “Yes, you’re definitely in the ‘limited program’ of 10-20 people who will have EVERYTHING done for them to create their amazon account and promote it.” On 1 February 2017 I sent Tracey A. (Anderson) an e-mail with the “account creation” info she asked for. On 6 February 2017 I sent her an e-mail with my newly acquired EIN (tax) number. | On 12 March 2017 Tracey A. (Anderson) wrote: “Meanwhile, rest assured your investment is safe and you’re going to start making money very soon.” On 8 April 2017 Lisa P., wrote: “We’ll update you by Monday evening regarding this (approval of my amazon account).” She NEVER did! On 25 April 2017 Lisa P., wrote: “I’ll have someone contact you in the morning and get it sorted. I’ll also make sure you’ll get your amazon account LIVE this week. We already have the hot selling products ready for your account.” I was NOT contacted by anyone! | On 8 May 2017 Lisa P., wrote: “What time we can call you today?” I replied at once, and gave her a WIDE window of time to call and asked her to suggest a time and I would definitely be available to take the call. NO reply to my e-mail and NO call! On 15 May 2017 I caught “John” on their rarely attended website CHAT feature. He said: “I am aware of the situation, and will consider it urgent, and that 2017 would be a financially great year for me.” | On 8 June 2017 James Anderson contacted me via e-mail. He wrote, “We apologize for the delay and late response as your emails landed to our spam. I checked records and understand it took long for us to get you started. I’ll put this on highest priority and get this done and make sure you’ll get your Amazon account LIVE by coming week without further delay. Sorry again for the inconvenience. Thank you, Regards, James Anderson – Mastering Ecommerce.” | This does NOT make any sense when they say my e-mails are going to their “spam” folder because I have already been in contact with them for nearly 6 months! Surely, they have “approved” my e-mail address by now, plus I regularly reach out to them via their website CHAT feature, which would NOT land my messages in their “spam” folder! Moving on, the promise James Anderson made on 8 June was NEVER fulfilled! | The last e-mail I received from a Mastering E-commerce staff member was from Lisa P., on 6 July 2017. She wrote: “Hello, You’ll get welcome email within 3-4 days for sure. I’ll make sure your account is set up ASAP. Sincere apologies for delays. Thanks! Regards, Lisa P., Mastering E-commerce.” NOTHING happened. | On Monday, 17 July 2017, I caught John on the Mastering E-commerce CHAT feature and he said: “You’ll get account set up this week for sure. I promise you. Yeah, Everything will be done before 21st July. Yeah, I understand the pain.” NOTHING happened (as usual)! Empty promises, a variety of excuses, and they pocketed $1,995 from me, and I have NOTHING to show for it!!! | This company is shameful and unprofessional. | I also need to mention that in June I contacted the Public Inquiry Unit of the California Office of the Attorney General, and I was informed by Melissa Nelson that Mastering E-commerce failed to reply to them!


  • Name: Mastering Ecommerce
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: 722 Island Ct
  • Phone: 855-241-2601
  • Website:

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