Matt Bilge, New York


New York

I met Matt Bilge (he is based in Manhattan) on the dating app Bumble. We dated for 8 months and he asked for exclusivity early on. Lately, he had been discussing marriage. A few strange things happened to make me suspicious and I went on his phone to discover that he had been using the app to date women behind my back the ENTIRE time we were together. None of these women knew he wasn’t single, they thought they were meeting a nice guy on a dating app, just like I thought. His text messages revealed that the cheating wasn’t just limited to the dating app. He would typically arrange to meet with women when I was out of town on business, or when he was out of town on business (would meet women in whatever city he was in).He is a serial cheater and a liar. Women, run as fast as you can from this guy if you are in contact with him and you see this post. He is really bad news.

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