Mattingly Motors Review


Issue #1 | I initially came in to purchase a BMW x5. The car in my opinion was perfect. They kept changing the down payment amount. which was not a problem at all. The came in when i when i got the amount they asked for i was informed that the car had been sold ( but the car was still sitting there ). I later learned that the car had sold days earlier and they had every intention to wait til i get the amount they wanted then they were going to sell me another car. PISSED ME OFF | Issue #2 | After Purchasing the car ( less than 3 months to be exact ) the car DIED ON ME IN RUSH HOR TRAFFIC. I brought it to several dealerships and they could not find out what was wrong with it. I finally brought the vehichle that im paying $550 per month on ( total car cost 17k) im told that the car has serious electrical problams THE MAIN COMPUTER IN THE CAR HAD TO BE REPLACED ……. and the warranty they sold me did not cover electtrical. ELECTRICAL WARRANTIES HAD TO SOLD SEPERATELY. wHEN I CALLED THEM AND ADISED THEM OF WHAT WAS GOING ON. i WAS TOLD. | ” ALL WE CAN DO IS SUGGEST A REPAIR SHOP, NOTHING MORE ”


  • Name: Mattingly Motors
  • Country: United States
  • State: Louisiana
  • City: Metairie
  • Address: 6900 Veterans Blvd
  • Phone: 504-889-7933
  • Website:

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