Mattress Connection Santa Monica California Review


Considered filing this report for a long time. The public should know what an unethical outfit this company is. Mattress Connection is a company based in Los Angeles owned by Tony and Joann Bartz. For over a year, I was a store manager for the Bartzs. I was called and recruited to come to work for them. The day I entered the store they assigned me to, I was shocked. Many of the mattresses on the showroom floor were filthy. The backroom had been some sort of makeshift bedroom for a former employee who apparently was homeless and slept in the store. There was sand all over the back room and desk areas (apparently the person staying there had used the showers on the beach in the morning and carried sand back in). Shelves were full of stale food. The refrigerator also was backed with decaying food. It took me several days of clean up just to get the store to a point that the health department wouldn’t shut it down. For the next several weeks, I worked very hard. The windows in the store were filthy and had never been cleaned. In the afternoon sun, you could see the pet store decals that had been scraped off the windows by the previous tenant of the store. Out of my own pocket, I paid for a professional cleaner to clean the windows inside and out. Bartz claimed he’d reimburse me but never did. I sold off the soiled inventory and restocked the store. I personally mopped the floors, dusted the shelves, wiped down all the counters and brought the store up to acceptable standards. Bushes were overgrown on the outside of the store and Bartz suggested I should get gardening equipment on my own and trim the bushes but I drew the line on that. The store’s computer system needed to be quarantined. It was full of viruses and malware from porn sites. It took me several days to debug the computer, run virus cleaning programs and generally get the computer back to a state where customer information (bank card info, etc) was safe. As time proceeded in the heavy buying time of the year (May to September), my store sales numbers were consistently atop the whole company. Bartz called me routinely to compliment me that I was “leading the company in sales.”” Unfortunately

my income *never* reflected this. At my previous employers in the mattress business

I could always estimate to a close hit what my pay would be. Not with Bartz. I never knew what my pay would be and I was always disappointed. I started keeping spreadsheets of my sales and my commissions

but my pay never added up to what it should have been. As Autumn came around

store traffic numbers started to slow. Bartz was not doing ANY ADVERTISING (none) and my store was between two of the biggest advertisers in the mattress business. I had brought a large number of customers with me as I started working for Bartz but had cycled through those customers and needed fresh business. I repeatedly told Bartz that I was not getting ANY floor traffic. It was off season and days would pass with no one coming into the store. Bartz’s solution to this was to hire a “”sign spinner”” and to have this individual call in to him daily behind my back with traffic counts. One day I overheard the sign spinner on the phone reporting that the store had been visited by SEVEN customers that day. SEVEN! Who were these SEVEN customers you ask? A poor couple with 5 young children looking for $200 beds for the whole family. The cheapest bed we sold was $500. SEVEN customers? 2 broke adults and 5 young kids. One family. Seven customers? Right. Sure. I was starting to conclude that I needed to get another job. The only thing that kept me was the fact that after all this time

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