Mattress One Orange Park Florida Review


My husband went into the local Orange Park, Fl (Blanding Blvd) location to purchase us a new mattress. 2000.00and 4 days later…we have a defective mattress and a useless salesperson by the name of J.C. I can only wonder what that stands for!!nThey delivered it 2 days later as originally planned, when it arrived we questioned the big hill on the mattress. We were told by the delivery guys “the bed needed to settle””…say what? I’ve never heard of this. This is a Serta I-Series by the way…we adjusted

shook (as best we could)

rearranged…still nothing…the mattress is a lemon. They had already hauled off our old bed and it was Friday night. We had to make do until Sat. I went into the store met with “”J.C.”” he did not even offer up an apology! Nothing!! He said this has never happened

but if we want to pick out another bed we could. We told him no we want the one we ordered minus the hill on one side!! The entire time we were in the store he lounged around

made personal calls on his cell phone

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