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On 4/19/15 I purchased a Sealy Optimum 2.0 Inspiration Gold II, mattress. The mattress was not delivered and money has not been refunded. My wife and I have been suffering from back pain due to our mattress sags in the middle. We started looking to buy a new mattress, we made a lot of researches and visited different stores in Miami Dade and Broward to test the mattresses; most of the visits were made to Mattress1one stores located at 1861 NE 163 St, North Miami Beach, 2970 Aventura Blvd, and 24 NW 36 St, Midtown-Miami. On those weeks many companies were offering free pillows, mattress covers, free delivery, 0% interest, and beat any competitor’s price. On April 19, 2015 we responded to the advertising from Mattress1one stating that a sale was going on in store located at 1861 NE 163 St, North Miami Beach with up 75% price off, this was our third visit to this store. In the store we met Mr. Joshua Tabraue and we purchased a Sealy Optimum 2.0 Inspiration Gold II, firm Queen mattress, the one we determined would be the best solution to our problem. We agreed to have the mattress delivered on April 21 on or around 4:00 p.m. On that said day around 5:00 p.m. I received a call from Joshua who told me that Mattrees1one could not deliver the mattress because the only one in warehouse was stained. He offered me an upgraded to a more expensive mattress with a 10% discount or a refund of the amount paid. I told him that we can’t afford a mattress over our budget and we can’t wait more time sleeping in our mattress causing hard pains to us. We made three visits to the store and requested to talk to the store or district’s manager, but Joshua told me that his manager stated that nothing can be done, except refund our money on or about 21 days, or accept the upgrade paying the full price of desired mattress less 10% discount. None of these options are acceptable to us. On 4/25/15 around 6:15 p.m. we requested the refund of the money for invoice #NMB0256. On 4/25/15 an email was sent, on 4/27, 4/30, 5/1 calls was placed, but no one answered our calls from Orlando headquarter. As of today 5/4/15 I did not received my refund for a product that was never delivered.

1861 NE 163 St North Miami Beach, Florida USA


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