Mature Dating UK Complaint


After a three day trial of the above site I cancelled my subscription within the designation trial period, on Nov 15th. I received an email to confirm it – and thought nothing more of it. I continued to receive emails from the site but assumed they were spam and did not open them. It now appears that one of those emails told me I had to re confirm my cancellation to them. I didn”t open that email, because I assumed it was one of the many spam emails I was getting from them. Now they have taken a lot of money from my account. I am not well off and this is a big deal. Although I realise I should have opened the email from them, it was not easy to find the means to cancel my account, and there is no question that anyone who cancels in this way is seriously wanting to do so. My argument therefore is that this need to reconfirm is a piece of trickery aimed at professional like myself too busy to check what seems to be spam email.

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