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Complaint: Maureen was our landlord for almost three years and in those three years it was a nightmare. She always refused to repair things, there was always a fight or whining about not having any money, all the while she traveled extensively to Europe. She owned many properties and she owns an investment company. The worst fight we had was over a 35, 000 gallon a month water leak. She claimed this was normal since we had a new individual living with us (my 84 year old mother-in-law), who only showered once a week. This fight got really ugly for over eight months while we played an enormous water bill. It was during this time she got my minor son involved and proceeded to say derogatory remarks about me to him. In January of 2012 she stated that there was a claim from her repair man (whose wife was also her property manager), that we were smoking in the garage. She brought an individual who was supposed to be a smoke detector and he inspected the entire house as well as the garage and found no evidence of any smoke. She wanted me to produce receipts proving I had painted, primed and bleached the garage by a professional. I did not produce these receipts because we never, ever smoked in the garage. When we moved in she stated I wanted to paint the garage for you and replace the shelves and carpet, but ran out of time. I stated, it’s a garage, it’s no big deal. Now that our lease was set to be up in four months, she wanted us to do this by using a false claim. Within four days of that inspection, she sent us an eviction notice. In Arizona, if you lose and are evicted, you have five days to move out. I could not believe she was going to do this to us, especially knowing we have a child and an elderly mother who had just recovered from major surgery. Her lawyer that she has had on retainer for twenty years is Andrew Hull and his claim to fame is evicting families from their homes on holidays. He advertises this on his website as if he is proud of it. I found us a tenant advocate lawyer who was willing to take the case on short notice. Well we won because there was absolutely no proof of us ever smoking in the home nor in the garage. She had to pay us 550.00 dollars. It took her over a month to pay it and than right after it was paid, she tried to have us evicted again, on another bogus claim. We decided to leave early, before our lease was up. We paid March rent in full, and we left 11 days early. She never gave us our prorated rent money and she never gave us our deposit back. In fact, she sent us a list a mile long on what she spent our security deposit on. She had an email from Service master that cleans, paints, and removes smoke damage, yet the invoice was from the property manager she uses to rent her properties, not a paid in full receipt. This bogus receipt equaled 550.00 dollars. The second bogus claim is 9 months worth of late fees having to do with paying rent late. Her claim was that we were ten days late on rent. Rent was paid on the fifth of every month because that is when we moved in and that is what our lease states. Rent due on the fifth of every month. That was 225.00. The third thing was plants. She claimed we killed plants that equaled 446.00 dollars. I didn’t realize plants lasted forever. These plants were as old as the house, which was 18 years old. The worst part is, I have a friend on that street that I still visit and these so called plants that died and had to be replaced were never replaced.The fourth thing was a receipt from Home Depot for light bulbs, cleaners, batteries and an air filter. The fifth thing was imaginary holes that she had to repair herself, 465.00 dollars. I took pictures. over a hundred, to cover every wall, every door, every window, every part of the floor and carpet. She sent us a receipt for 387.00 dollars for carpet cleaning. I’m not gonna go on cause you get the point. Anyways, she claims we now owe her money because our security deposit didn’t cover it all.This woman has over 60 cases in the court system suing one person after another for one thing or another. I found out from the neighbors after living there for a year that she has sued every tenant and has kept their security deposit. She has done to them, what she did to us, only our case was a little bit more severe. She has been renting this property for 17 years and has made every single person’s life that has ever lived there a living hell. She needs to be stopped and prevented from ever renting any place to anyone, ever. She can get away with it because she has unlimited fund, whereas people she rents too, do not. Now I know why she didn’t care about our credit history. We don’t have the money to go after her and at the very least we should get our prorated rent back because we paid a full month’s yet did not stay a full month. Obviously, all the other claims regarding our security deposit is bogus, especially with regards to the garage, which one, she lost that battle in court, secondly, it isn’t even a real receipt, it’s an invoice from her property manager, which I know for a fact is not in the business of smoke removal. I wish I could put a big neon sign over the house, don’t live here, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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Address: 16420 N PARADOX DR FOUNTAIN HLS, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 480-206-7076

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