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I am (as of now) a former customer of maven writers ( They need to know it does not mean anything to give good service just a few times then disappoint the same customer with the main project when she needs that service the most. This time I am honestly very disappointed and pissed off at you. | I placed an order for a 25 pgs paper that was to be delivered in 6 days. Normally I order earlier when there is much more time.This time I delayed due to other personal reasons.When paying, as usual,I selected the premium service like I always do,and my fee was $805. I did not feel the need to confirm the order through live chat since I had already grown confident that all would go well. I came back a day later and sure enough my project had already been assigned to a writer who assured me that the work was on track and would be completed on schedule. The draft I received midway through the period did not give any hints of need for me to worry.I assumed since it ws just a draft there was no need to check it or give any kind of feedback. So I waited for the final paper. | A day before the deadline I initiated a chat with one of their online agents and asked about the progress. To my surprise,she told me that the paper was completed and that I could receive it in about an hour. This was very exciting news. What shocked me was what came next. She said that maven writers appreciates my understanding regarding the change of the writer status from premium to reserved Writer. WHAT??? Where does that come from. I was understandably very shocked as well as angry. The agent, I believe her name was Alice, said that the premium writer option is normally subject to availability and not guaranteed even on selection,and that it was clearly stated in their terms. She also said that in the event a premium writer is unavailable the client is sent an email asking to confirm if she is comfortable with a reserved writer instead. So since I didn’t respond to this email “on time”,they couldn’t just wait because of the deadline,and went ahead with a reserved writer instead. Now,I checked my email and the said message was stupidly in the junk/spam box and sent only a day before I received the draft of the project, not on the day the writer was assigned. This was news coming to me a day before I received my 25pg paper.There was little I could do. This lady agent of theirs thinks that refunding the fee difference between a reserved and a premium writer makes my situation any better. They are supposed to issue a FULL REFUND at the very least. | Now I am stuck with a paper written by a reserved writer instead of a premium writer. I had my reasons for ordering premium service. It was not meant as an upgrade of a lesser service.It was the ONLY SERVICE I WANTED. I am not getting what I paid for. If i want a double cheeseburger and you can’t give it to me, do not offer me fries and a milkshake instead,more so without my express confirmation. It is stupid and does not make much sense. You wasted my time which was limited in the first place, then denied me the chance to get the quality of paper I desired. Maven writers, you just lost a regular client, FOREVER


  • Name: Maven Writers
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: Covent Garden, London
  • Address: 71-75 Shelton St
  • Phone: 44 20 3808 5230
  • Website:

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