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Complaint: These crooks will charge for any thing or atleast they tried to charging for screen damage whitch was already damaged They started that the place was going to be painted & replace carpet but, now they price guoug us on having carpet cleaned for $300 for two rooms really? we did allow people to come in and measures for carpet and paint…. in the beginning they stated the place would be ready on a certain date that didn’t happen homeless for 2 weeks…. need any thing fixed call several times before it was fixed stinky diswasher They also said the place was going to be painted NOT ….WE CLEANED FOR TWO WEEKS THIS PLACE was IN TIP TOP SHAPE… you could eat of the floor They still charged us for Cleaning what!!!!! I post my opinions/Fact on yelp how fithy the place was when we moved in one room had some adult toys in a drew that got left behind Mavi unlimited demanded that i remove my comment i did in hopes they would return a decent amount on deposit but…. we lived in MOLD due to bad roofing job the walls looked like they were melting mold on floor, walls and ceiling… They NEVER had the carpet cleaned any ways cause i took out the stains in the carpet and threw away those adult toys and oils IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL NOT RENT FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!! Yelp=20 (1stars) 7=(4 stars) 15= (5 stars) ….lolo…lol.. CAN YO U SAY BAD SERVICE

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