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Request Govt of India to take action of Land mafia, Scam artist who sell bogus land and cheat investors, buyers. Maxworth Realty India Mr. Keshava K. and Mr. Khan sold me 4 bogus plots of the land which never belonged to him. He created fake sign boards and duped 100s of customers on this land. There were multple selling on that non-existing land. I am an NRI who wanted to return to India, but got duped by Mr. Keshava K. Who has cheated 1000s of customers in his various project. Mr. Keshava”s modus operandi is he will collect 30% money from victims on bogus projects or land and use their money. He will continue to say that they will register, but it will never happen. As my agreement he was suppose to register land within 6 months, but he failed. Upon filing criminal complaint we found out in investigation that the land he offered is bogus. It was some other owner who owned this land and he said he never sold to any person called Maxworth realty. Even after four years I am no where close to any compensation. My FIR is almost 2 years old, but Indian police miserably failed to take any action, the reasons are best known to them – corruption, cuts, kickbacks. Now case is in court, I have filed criminal case, there are dozens of fraud, cheating and extortion complaints on Mr. Keshava but police is not taking action. Who knows if local police is also involved this mafia. I tried to pursue this matter with Commissioner Mr. Reddy and DCP Mr. Sandip Patil who were not giving any proper reply, They failed to arrest this criminal who is probably feeding authorities and some top level bureacrats to run this scamming business. He has cheated 1000s of people with bogus land by retaining their money. It is multi crore scam were many politicians are involved. There are around 100 cases against Keshava K. in local consumer court cases in Bangalore India and also at national level. Beware of Maxworth reality. This matter was reportet to CREDAI head Anil Nayak, but he failed to take any action against him. I also reported this matter to Govt of India and various embassies for necessary action, but still no progress. It is very very risky to invest in India or to setlle back here being an NRI, people, fraud companies, builders, police are ready to scare you to go back. All the information was given to TIMES OF INDIA tv channel, but who after taking all the details did not broadcast the news just because they feel it is too local news. Media is equally corrupt in India for promoting scams. India is still land of scams and dealing with govt offices and scam companies like Maxworth Reality can be nightmare, Think twice before investing in India, there are state sponsored mafia everywhere here. Please sign my petition to press govt of India to take legal action against this land mafia and fraud.

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