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Complaint: I purchased a truck from Mazda of Midland in Nov. 2011. As part of the deal for the sale, I required a full detail of the vehicle. This was agreed to by the dealer. We agreed that I would return the vehicle the following week for the detail to be completed as it was raining the weekend we purchased the vehicle. My wife and I worked out sharing one vehicle for the day so that I could deliver my vehicle to them to detail at 8 am that morning. At 4pm that afternoon I came to pick up the vehicle and immediately noticed it had not been detailed. I looked inside and saw that the upholstery had not been cleaned under any of the seats, as the same trash was under the back seat that had been there when we purchased the vehicle. I pointed this out to the salesman that sold me the vehicle, Stephan Wilson. He agreed that it was not done right but that he couldn’t help what the service people did or didn’t do. He agreed to detail it properly later on. A few weeks passed before I was able to bring the car back and Mazda of Midland was able to detail the car as Stephan told me they only detail vehicles Monday thru Thursday. Again, my wife and I worked out sharing a vehicle for the day. We dropped off the car at 10:30am. I was told I would be called when it was done. After waiting til 5pm, I called the dealership and was told the vehicle was ready. I arrived and again noticed wet water spots all over the vehicle. After retrieving the keys to the vehicle, I noticed mud on the interior and handprints all over the inside of the windows. Basically, it looked just like it did the last time; a quick wash and vaccuum. I told Stephan I wasn’t happy. I also shared my feelings professionally with the sales manager. They only appologized and told me they had done all they could. I don’t feel I was treated fairly by Mazda of Midland because they did not fulfill their end of the deal when they sold me the vehicle. I did not recieve a Full Detail as was specified on their deal sheet. I would not reccomend visiting Mazda of Midland for a vehicle purchase. They are only interested in the sale. After they have your signature, you mean nothing to them.

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Address: 5115 West Loop 250 North Internet United States of America


Phone: 432-617-2273

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