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I have been a customer of MB Financial Bank for nearly 10 years. The repaid my loyalty by stealing my business, harassing and threatening me and by dispossessing me of all my property, my reputation, my credit and every dime I had. It all started when I reported to them that my staff was stealing. I was denied what I requested, which was emergency assistance in the form of a takeover team. They were required to provide assistance as a fiduciary but this was before I found out my staff was actually taking orders from my banker, Mr. James Mann, who reportedly, has mafia ties. The situation became untenable and after I discovered my staff was stealing directly from my customers, I closed my business-citing an emergency that I could not control. My staff was stealing. They were stealing petty cash, which amounted to $535, 000, 000 over the course of 6 years. They had set up ghost payroll, colluded and collaborated on many scams and schemes including the theft of and resale of membership contracts. The degree of theft was staggering. David Rice, my gambling addict accountant, was the main goto in the business other than myself and prescribed many scams and schemes he benefitted from. He dissolved an investment company on the same day I terminated his services, after writing himself $10, 000.00 in checks using checks I did not control and a signature stamp I did not know he had. Ayako Miyahara, my niece, stole copiously and admitted to stealing $150, 000.00 in cash but if you combine all her scams and schemes her take was more likely $500, 000.00 plus. Kristen Circullo and Rosa Cerda tried to hide evidence and falsified documents to hide the theft. By the time the case went to the FBI they reported to me that my “bankers were actually stealing from the bank.” What that meant to me I don”t know but it is a powerful statement. It should be said that Angie Frank was my RGM while staff was stealing and new it was going on but did nothing. The bank reopened my business and made it clear that I was going to be alienated though they promised I would benefit if I cooperated. It was clear I would not benefit from the beginning. They placed a receiver in the business who was bereft of ethics. He also operated with impunity and proceeded to sell my business in an insider deal to a man I was suing for theft of utilities, Mr. Reza Toulabi. Mr. Toulabi, is someone to avoid at all costs. He will cut corners, lie, cheat and steal at every opportunity. Toulabi and the Receiver, Michael Kayman, colluded to dispossess me of my property by first proclaiming one of my three leases as “expired”. It was not expired. I exercised the options. They were simply trying to devalue my estate so that I would be made to suffer. They even told the highest qualifying bidder on my business to not show up to the auction. We were in court for 4 years at the end of which they announced the receivership lasted only 11 months. What a lie. There was money as long as my lawyers did not rock the boat and attack the bank they would get paid from some illicit fund. All told I paid more than a million in legal fees. That should have still left me a million and a half or more. I tried to redeem but they fought me tooth and nail on that one though I had financing. I only owed them 1.2M. By the time a so called auction took place the liability was closer to $750, 000.00. They made Toulabi their “stalking horse” bidder which gave him preferred status for the sale. Obviously, they had struck a deal with Toulabi to not sue them for their crimes against the business and not to mention me personally. They interfered with the criminal complaints I tendered. They threatened and harassed me repeatedly till I was so frightened I dropped the complaints. That did not stop the harassment it just made things worse. They knew I did not have much more fight in me. When money for lawyers ran out I defended myself-so incensed I was at how unfair and horrible they had been during the litigation. The case dockets were constantly being played with and even in Federal court they managed to have some pleadings removed. They lied and cheated at every opportunity. Thier International lawfirm SNR Denton with lawyers like Robert Richards, Anthony Elesesusion and Mark Flessner are pigs. All I had left was my home. I lived in it without utilities for 4 years other than electricity which was spotty. In the end they got that too. All I had was the shirt on my back practically. They made millions on my case and continue now to make money on my business. They even left with a tax liability which will haunt me forever. This is what it is to be destroyed and MB Bank did it maliciously. Their reputation as being a mafia bank is suitable. Avoid them like the plague.

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