MBM Boss Corporation Review


They use different names but they both charge $19.95 for ebook “cookbooks.Ē Iíve been charged by HD AND MBM for the same thing! Their phone number is 702-800-6822. I called and cancelled my supposed subscription. | If I hadnít checked my bank often I wouldnít have noticed these charges! My bank says it canít take the charges off my account because the seller has me signing up to receive their cookbook. So Iím out $39.90 for something I didnít want.


  • Name: MBM Boss Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Oceanside
  • Address: 4061 Oceanside Blvd # L
  • Phone: 760-940-6020
  • Website: www.mbmbosscorp.com/

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