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Complaint: I have worn out CV joints and boots on my Passat and according to MBPI they will not cover the $400 axles that need to be changed since this problem should have been changed immediately. Well, now – this problem just started a week or so ago where as when turning you can actually hear the noises coming from the wheel well. They say its been like this for a long time as the boots are empty of grease and full of crud! Well I’m sure they are, the car is at the garage now waiting to get them replaced, but I just started hearing the damage a week ago. How in the world am I to know that my boots and axles are going out if I dont hear anything until a week before I take it into the garage. I’m not a mechanic whatsoever so I have to go by my ears or eyes until I can tell if something is wrong. Now the manager states that if I would have taken it to a garage to have the oil changed that they “would have noticed”” that the boots were torn and needed replacing – uh

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Address: I change my own oil. So now I’m being penalized for trying to save a buck. So it looks like I’m out $500+ for the axles (though they will replace the two $50 boots.) Joy! So it boils down to “”the contract states that damage caused by lack of lubrication is not covered.”” Even though there is no way for me to know AT ANYTIME that my boots are torn unless I am a mechanic myself or I take it into a garage every week and have them double check. MORONS! Kevin DENVER

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