McDonalds Payson Utah


Complaint: I am an former employee of this company. I turned in my notice to quit for the reason of hostile work environment. I was scheduled for shifts I notified them in advance I was not available for. I was subsequently given a verbal reprimand by the Store Management for allowing school to get in the way of my work schedule. Even when my official availablity schedule says I am not available during those hours. Now they are withholding my pay I was told in the paperwork that I was to be paid on the 15 of the month as my first paycheck it is now the 19th of said month and I have been told to wait until Monday I am sick and tired of them messing with me I need my paycheck to pay off people I owe money to but if I don’t get paid soon I cannot pay my rent then I will be screwed even worse than i already am. Don’t work there if you can avoid it. I would go back to working for my ex employer Walmart Stores Incorperated before I work for people who illegally withhold pay. Justin Payson, UtahU.S.A.

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 1353 East Sandhill Road Orem, Utah U.S.A.



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