McGill Management Review


I’ve lived at the Cove Lane Apartments for about a year now, no problems whatsoever, love the area, love the neighbors. Just recently however I noticed a sticker in the window, on my car, saying that the license plate is expired and the car is to be towed, which is true, the license plate sticker has expired recently and for that reason the car is always there, parked in the same spot since the sticker expired. Why am I being towed away, am I parked on the street illegally, am I in someone else’s spot, no I’m not, even though I live in the complex I park in a guest parking spot, it isn’t a reserved spot, there’s two of us living in a two bedroom apartment and we each have one car, what about others that live in the same complex and have 5 or 6 cars, or two or three cars per person? After all it’s their businesses how they manage those cars, I mean the people that actually own them, not the association, which should only be concerned as far as the parking lot goes and the cars in it that it’s always clean and safe to park and keep the cars here if need be, my point is that I shouldn’t have to feel obligated to keep my car on the street when I have other priorities, and certainly should not be afraid to lose it to some association thugs that bully people around as they please without fear of repercussions, the car hasn’t done anything wrong to anyone, it’s just sitting there, as far as I know I haven’t wronged anyone either, at least I hope not, I have called McGill Management at the number provided on the warning sticker in my car’s window and left them a message, as politely as I could be, requesting an explanation for this action on their behalf, so far there has been no response! xx Cove Ln, Glenview, Illinois, 60025


  • Name: McGill Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Arlington Heights
  • Address: 1314 North Rand Road
  • Phone: 847-259-1331
  • Website:

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