Mead Johnson Nutrition Review


BEHOLD, I COME AS A THEIF IN THE NIGHT. Sounds familiar? Yes, Revelation 16:15 of the Bible. Well folks, let’s talk about Mead Johnson & Company, LLC: Evansville, IL 47721 that sells under the great umbrella of AMAZON. Let’s not forget the CIVANT MELADERN 1.7 oz that’s marked-up for $124.99 and CIVANT sells it directly for $49.99. | AMAZON was informed about the outraged PRICE AND DONE JACK! Don’t believe IT ABOUT THE PRICE? Go to the CIVANT website. By the way TV buyers be aware of your prices. I sent several third part sellers emails in references to the mark-up price. Um, not surprising after I discovered TV mark-up’s for a $100.00 more that WALMART sells for a lesser price. These sellers are only focus on profit and anything outside of that is just a blueprint to rob your better under AMAZON UMBERILLA. | Next click do your research think before you hit it. The trick is WALMART you pay cash up front where as AMAZON will bleed you with white-washed longer payments. You are only paying for conveniences. I placed an order to Mead Johnson and Company for baby formula to save $10.00. Folks did I make that $$$ million click of the mouse. | They sent me four cans of formula that could compare to buying a ripe banana in the store. Just don’t go out into the sun with it. You’ll get better profit for your hard earned money by eating it in the store. Well folks, that’s what good MEAD did for me. Baby formula that was almost to expire. I was getting the same formula at WALAMRT and KING SOOPERS (KROGER) that expire in January 2020 instead of next week. | SO YOU SEE HOW OLD MEAD MAKES THEIR MONEY BY SENDING YOU A PRODUCT WITH LESS SHELVE LIFE. No worries AMAZON and LLC will protect them but who pays the hospital bill for a sick child?


  • Name: Mead Johnson Nutrition
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Chicago
  • Address: 225 North Canal Street, 25th Floor
  • Phone: 1.312.466.5800
  • Website:

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