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In June of 2004 my husband and I bought a home from Meadows in Cookeville, TN and have regretted it ever since. We applied for a loan and were told that it was denied and we needed to pay FULL price for the home. So we paid in excess of $85,000 cash. nIt was to be delivered and set up by Aug 1 and it wasn’t. It wasn’t delivered until Aug 12, and then it took another week for set up. When the workers left, they left us with a mess of materials to clean up. When I called the office, I was told that it was my responsibility. They also took my axles and tires, did I pay for them? Shouldn’t I have been able to keep them? nIn Sept they came out to put the foundation on my home. We had made arrangements with the contractor (a Meadows employee) that they would make the hole for the dryer vent. NO OPENING was made. We had our neighbor do it for us. When they left after finishing the job, they too left us with a mess to clean up. It cost me over $100 to get rid of the concrete mess they made. nWhen they came out to repair cracks they did it poorly and made them look worse. To this day I have one the width of my kitchen that I have to pay to get repaired. It is in the material, not at a seam, and when touched it moves. Any repairs that were done were done poorly and not in a timely manner. nFrom the time we moved in, I made a list of all the things wrong such as cracked windows, cracks in the walls and ceiling, and doors not fitting right. After a couple of visits, I was told that they weren’t fixing anything any more. I still had 6 months warrantee on my house. nTwo of the major problems we had; (both problems were in the same room) was that in one of the bedrooms had no power and the other thing was that the shower pipes were leaking into the wall causing the carpet to become moldy and destroying the wall. The power was fixed so we could get TVA to turn the power on in the house. They other took them 2 months to get to; in the mean time my daughter who has breathing problems couldn’t sleep in her room. nI agree with my husband. OUR HOME WAS BUILT ON A FRIDAY BEFORE A HOLIDAY. THEY DID A SHOTTY JOB AND I WILL NOT RECOMMEND MEADOWS HOMES TO ANY ONE. I agree that someone should do something about business like this. I did turn them into the BBB in Nashville and got no response. nDenisenEvensville, TennesseeU.S.A.

1535 Interstate Dr Cookeville, Tennessee U.S.A.


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