Med Laser Depot Review


To: Business Owners in the Aesthetics Industry | There is on old saying. . . “gag me with a spoon”. When I read the recently published BIO and Press Release on NBC and Market Watch and Huffington Review on Samuel D. Lehrer, CEO of Med Laser Depot, Jupiter, Florida, I wanted to head to my medicine cabinet for some Pepto Bismol. The depiction of this individual as contained in this article is so far from the truth you would need the telescope from Mt Palomar to even find one grain of truth contaned in that publication. Why do I say this? Because I am speaking from practical and first hand experience as a current client of Samuel D. Lehrer. You see, I made the mistake of falling for Sam’s line of BS and purchased 2 laser platforms from him to the tune of $69,500 in cash by bank wire to wire. To date, I have never received my entire purchase from the original purchase order. I have had equipment breakdown of both machines during the past four months and I have received nothing but broken promises and eventual silence from Sam Lehrer. At this time he still owes us 3 vital headpieces for both lasers and he has now decided to go into a “stonewall” silence mode of doing business. Well let me assure you and him, I WILL NOT BE SILENT. I intend to expose this fraud and cheat whenever and wherever I can and will continue to do so until this charlatan either cleans up his act or is put out business permanently. I am not ONLY medical business that has experienced this horror with Mr. Samuel D. Lehrer and if you are one who happens to read this response and you wish to respond to it and contact me personally, here is a direct email address: [email protected] I would be very interested in sharing horror stories with you and together we can craft a means to upend the business practices of this fraud, cheat and swindler. I hope you read this Samuel David Lehrer, because this is just the beginning of the negative copy that I am going to be spreading all over the internet about you and your fraudulent companies.


  • Name: Med Laser Depot
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Jupiter
  • Address: 1562 Park Lane South, Bldg #700
  • Phone: 561-747-3616
  • Website:

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