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Mediation processing services called us today and asked to speak with my husband I said he isn’t home what is this about. She said is this the person (said his name) dob and last 4 of ssn , I sat on the line she was very spastic as to not really able to under stand she said he owed for a loan . That we didn’t take out. She then said ok good bye and hung up. I called the number back got a different person and she said we looking for (husbands name) all though we already spoke with him just a bit ago I said no u talked to me she goes on and says she is collecting for said Loan and I said ok who is it for she said I’m sorry we don’t have the original debter u do something with Court . I said we didn’t take out any loans , she then said sometimes husbands take out loans with out there wife’s knowing …. I said no he didn’t…. then said good buy and hung up. I looked up his credit report and there is nothing on it … fake debt … trying to get money trying to scare us by saying there going to garnish his wages.

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