Nimitz West Virginia Review


I know everyone starts off with this but its true…SCAM!!! Bait and switch to the fullest extent! how this is not illegal is beyond me and the fact that BBB gives them a A+ rating makes me question the BBB. Just like another person said on Ripoff Scams…They approved me, sent me the paperwork to sign which i did because it stated my balance, intrest, payment amount everything looked great! and then they call with some very confusing talk that when deciphered says “due to your credit score (which was not bad) in order for your loan to go forward we need to add $1600 to your total…you can pay that up front to keep your payment the same or we can add it to your bill but your payment will go up”” I understand fees…i get that however

had i known ahead of time… they would not have got my business! AND THEY KNOW THAT! Fortunatley i was able to pay for my procedure out of pocket but what if i couldnt….and it was a life threatning procedure i needed done or one of my kids needed! SHAME ON THEM! And lastly….for the record i NEVER post complaints but this infuriated me because they are very slick and deceptive and if you dont slow them down and ask them to be very specific

you will end up with the fee added to your balance. There are many more similar complaints on them on different web sites

do your homework and please dont even give these guys the benifit of the doubt.”

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