MediPro Management Review


I worked for Lou Volpini and was never reimbused for thousands of dollars of purchases I made, he had multiple phone numers and blocked me from all of them, dissapearing and never paying me back. He is known to dissapear from debts whether they are individual or owing large companies money and services. He is a very charming con man with every excuse in the book. Do NOT trust him! I have given him plenty of chances to pay me but he gave me checks I could not cash and other reasons why he could not pay me, meanwhile he is living a life of luxury on other people’s money. | I will not take this down until I get my money back. I will continue pusuing this. This is ridiculous and there are many people that he owes money to over the years that are going to the District Attorney’s office. This is my next step. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MEDI PRO MANAGEMENT! They are scammers and will not do what they say; a fancy website means nothing, no matter how great he sounds over the phone and how nice his suit is, or how nice his Jaguar is (he got hisreposessed due to nonpayment), he is a complete and utter fraud, and great at it. Do NOT get fooled, thank me later.


  • Name: MediPro Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Anaheim
  • Address: 2400 E. Katella Ave Ste 800
  • Phone: 949-359-8600
  • Website:

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