Mediswift Snellville Georgia


Complaint: Realized this company had placed a monthly debit on my credit card as a subscription that I did not authorized. They stated that I did not cancel a CBD oil monthly subscribtion. This scam company advertised a CBD oil free that you paid only the postage, I never saw a subscription of any sort. When I talked with this company they argued that it was in small print and I must have thought I was getting the oil free. They also claimed they could only reimburse 20% of the charge with a cancellation. They charged my credit card several times and in my submitted dispute with my credit card they had provided some bogus documentation that the charge was legit. I have the cancellation from them; however, I do not trust this scam company and received another bottle of the CBD oil that I have sent back to them. I am a senior and after a couple of major surgeries I definitely do not need the stress.

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Address: 174 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim, California United States

Website: healthfore/


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