Medusa Marketing Review


Medusa Marketing is advertising on Facebook and other places as a specialized team of SEO and lead generation professionals. They are nothing of the kind and should be avoided. They simply subscribe to a website builder to get your site done, make generous promises about their ability to drive business to you then stop all contact as soon as you complain about their lack luster service. | Their employee’s are working from home and bedrooms. Not the professionals they pretend to be. They try and entice you by telling you they have people working all over the world on your account, but the reality is they are in bedrooms and motel rooms trying to impress with their excitement. | They simply sign you up on another platform for your website/landing page and claim it to be their own. Excuses when things are not done right and lack of communication when you press them on questions and performance issues. | DO NOT pay the upfront fee as it is a scam and excessive. You can do the work they charge thousands for, at a few hundred dollars. Do not believe their claims of massive traffic and leads to your site. It is a lie and the company is a mishmash of people all over the place with minimal talents.


  • Name: Medusa Marketing
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: 14785 Preston Rd. Site 550
  • Phone: (972) 525-7244
  • Website:

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