Megan England Hiatt – Ames, Iowa Iowa


This woman left her kids with her husband at a job site in Omaha. From my understanding the both of them prey on single weak women to take care of there 4 kids. Boincing from house to house woman to man motel room to parking lot. They have been doing this for years. All over the state of Iowa and probably more. She abandoned her kids woth her husband who pretends to not be married and plays the victim card of oh she left these kids with me once they find out the truth. They both suck these poor women dry mentally and financially and then they move on to the next town to the next woman. Both of them have screwed over many men and woman with there tricks. She also stalks these women she has her husband lure and there family and friends. Its a sad story for there 4 kids. They’ve watched countless men and women enter there lives while there parents mess with there lives. They also beat eachother up in the presence of there children and beat and starve and negilect there children to. Stay away from this lady and her husband Harold England aka Jimmy England from Ohio.

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