MEGAN LLOYD, West Virginia


Where to begin? This girl has been cheating on every man she has ever been with. She doesn’t care who or when. I found her disgusting pics on my mans phone, sure, she doesn’t look bad but without her clothes she looks like a 12 year old boy on crack. My first thought were of who is this under aged girl sending pics to my boyfriend? but shes 30. She will get down with and go down on anyone that tells her they care, tells her shes pretty and gives her a dime bag including her old assed uncle that shes always with. too gross. I feel bad for anyone else shes getting with she sent my man home with scabies, had to delouse the whole house, this girl works in healthcare you would think she knew to keep herself clean. I hope someone comes a long and steals her fiance from her it will serve her right.

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