Melissa Sotomayor – Fort Lauderdale, Florida Florida


I want to expose Melissa Sotomayor for playing a role of the perfect mother and WIFE lol. She currently works at Coca-Cola and I found out that she was seducing my husband with very explicit pictures of herself to him. I found out about this after conversations I had with my husband that he would bring up at dinner. He would mentioned her name to much and of course been a woman I started to get curious about her. So I started showing up at my husband’s job in my friends car and started to spy on them. I saw them kissing for the first time I couldn’t believe what I was seen in front of my own eyes. I been married to what I thought was the man of my dreams till she came along. I was so mad all this different emotions ran through my mind but I tried to control my anger so that I can see more. I spotted them coming out of a hotel room a few weeks after seen them kiss. It was through work hours. Of course right away I knew they were not their for no business meeting since they were all up on each other when they were walking out. || I wanted to tell her something then but  I wanted to see how far she would take this. I started looking her up on Facebook and other social media sites and surprisingly I found out that she was once a victim of been cheated on by her husband in which she still married to. With enough evidence I then confronted my husband and after denying the affair at first knowing he was about to lose his only child in which we had many complications getting pregnant he decided to come clean and told me her story. He said she was hurt so much when she was cheated on that she decided to get back her husband for it, unfortunately she chose my husband and sad to say he fell for it. This affair has been going on for quiet some time now. || I still remain married to this man but only because of our son I fell out of love for him he doesn’t know that ofcourse since I’m still with him he thought only because I forgave him that I would forget about it I will never ever forget this awful betrayal he did to me and my son. I cried to many tears for all those moments I saw text and the meetings they had at the hotel’s during work hours. But I got myself back in shape and once I reach my goal I’m leaving his ass. She is not close as beautiful as I am and now I understand why her husband did the things he did because she has another side to her that she hides. But I know the truth and she needs to stop using other women’s men to get back at her husband, she destroyed a beautiful home. Hopefully her husband sees this and can get out of that relationship before it’s too late. I guess she became bitter and instead of taking things one way she decided to have the taste of the cheating spouse and mess with married men. If I could only tell her how much she hurt me I would but why lower myself in that way and destroy her life of lies she tries to carry on by acting like the perfect wife and victim when she is nothing but a liar and a cheater. They say things come around so I hope karma is just around her corner. I will never forget that text in particular when she emailed him and told him how good she felt when he would kiss all her body. I could only imagine what she meant. I still don’t get how my husband could cheat with such an ugly woman that has a face that looks like an ape. I guess she must be good at something that I don’t do. || This woman needs to stop her game of cheating with my husband if she is not happy with her marriage she should leave my marriage alone and get out of hers instead of sleeping around with every man that she works with just to get even with her husband. I’m not happy with my marriage thanks to her but I won’t let her win that easy.

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