Mellissa Ruiz-Lott California California


I tried to take the high road and just ignore this situation , but I cannot any longer… This female needs to be exposed. I felt sorry for her for about 5 minutes but I know better. She is 9 years younger than me and just pathetic. Her name is Mellissa Ruiz Lott. She is married to a man that apparently cheats on her and makes her miserable so she decided she would go and ruin someone else’s marriage. I cannot place all the blame on her because it was my husband who pursued her but if she were a real woman with morals she would have said to back off, apparently they were friends and had run into each other and started texting each other and my husband came onto her. || I found out about her in October 2014, we had just moved and My husband left his phone in the living room one morning while he was sleeping . I decided to just go through it. See a year before this I caught him cheating on me with more than one woman and I do not trust him at all. Things are complicated between us and I am unable to leave at this time even though I desperately want to. Anyway, I went through his phone and found nothing suspicious. He has a game on there he was always playing at the time so I clicked on it and saw a game and noticed there was a chat alert. I clicked on that and found a conversation. About a week before this I woke up around 12 am one night and my husband wasn’t in the house which is not normal. I called his phone and no answer , I went outside and didn’t see him. A few minutes later he comes in the house with some boxes and says he was getting stuff out of the car, we had just moved so even though I was suspicious I let it go. I went back to bed and woke up again about 20 minutes later and he was gone again… I was pissed I knew something wasn’t right. Again he comes back in the house says he had to take some trash out . I was suspicious. Well back to the conversation I found on the phone . It was just back and forth and then there was a sentence from him saying”I can’t wait to continue what we stared the other night when we were rudely interrupted”. And she responded”I know , next time let’s use a bed instead of standing up in your garage” Obviously the night I caught him he was with her in our garage… It’s not attached to our place and I didn’t even think of going in there. So I wake him up by throwing his phone at his head. He starts denying shit like usual. I send a message to this girl and she calls me a bit later. Apparently they had been having sex off and on for years. In our old apartment, in the laundry room, in our apartment while I was away taking care of a sick relative, and she knew about me the whole time . They hadn’t talked for a year prior to this because she had gotten pregnant and he told her to have an abortion and she wasn’t too pleased because of course she had caught feelings. She had went to his job and flirted with him and then he came up to her job, they work near each other, and he put the app on her phone so they could talk that way because he didn’t want me to find out from cell phone records. She said she knew about me the whole time. She also lied to me about who she was. She told me she was single and had went through a bad breakup and that she had cried to my husband about it, my husband told me that she was a booty call and the majority of the time they had sex was late at night when he was drunk, he would text or call her to come over when I was sleeping and they would have sex in her car or the laundry room of our complex … Classy!!! After learning her whole name from my husband I was able to figure out I knew of this little slag. She was best friends with a female I had known and a neighbor of ours. So obviously he was going over to this neighbors house to see her. She had also been married for five years. I contacted her husband on Facebook. I told him what I knew and his response was priceless. He said thank you for letting him know and sorry that had happened to me and that they had their own problems and would handle it on his own. || I also found out they live up the street from us. The night my husband had sex with her they didn’t finish because I woke up and started calling him and they both say the same thing. That was October 15th or so. I started looking at her Instagram account and around Christmas time her and her husband announce they are pregnant and she is due July 28th which means she got pregnant around Nov 6th. I am praying to God she didn’t see my husband after that and that this baby isn’t his. || Upon talking to several friends who know this girl I found out my husband wasn’t the only man she was sleeping with. She had a friend that worked at a bar she was sleeping with and another man I know. || Her whole story is her husband cheats on her so she isn’t happy. She is always posting quotes on Instagram and Pinterest (yes I’m a stalker) about being betrayed and crap. Well honey take a good look in the mirror because you aren’t any better than your husband and his whores. As far as my husband and I well I may still live with him but I don’t love him anymore. I am good at smiling and pretending for my kids for now. When the right time comes I will leave and be happy but at this time my kids happiness is all that matters. That’s what mothers do they suck it up and be good mothers at all costs, even their own happiness. I don’t need any rude comments from people because I already know what needs to be done and you are not in my shoes . I have lost all hope in marriage or love anymore. I just want to live a drama free life with my children one day and that’s all that matters.

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