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Met on the street in St. Thomas with promises of $100 shopping coupon, bottle of licqour and free cruise. Let us to an office to meet Rob who presented a vidio and answered questions that we had about travel. Present to us as a concierge service that would save us 40-60% off an plans for travel that we could make ourselves. They had answers for all our travel plans including business air travel to Europe. Family trip to Disney World that we just made for approx. $9,500.00 they would be able to match for 40% savings. Promising that we would save the costs of there program in several trips and have this for life. Also, we could transfer, will or sell their membership. If we would sign up today with my military service they would reduce the costs from $8,995 to $3,995 with the annual fee of $199 annual dues. They also said they would include the following: Cruise discounts, 6 condo weeks per year at $399-$899, All inclusive resorts, airfare, travel packages, hotels, car and 2 family plans for my children. We decided to go ahead with the idea that we would use our American Express card if there happen to be any missrepresentation or fraud involve with there business. After returning home from our cruise, I wanted to test their promises and found that they could do no better then we could on the internet. I tried for two weeks to contact the right person and have accumulated many phone numbers. The last person I taked with was Brad from Member Services. He said he was a sales manager and listened, but could not satisfy us with his answers. I stated this program may good for some people, but not those of us who have travel all their life. I asked him for our money back and he refused asking us to give them an opportunity to plan a trip for us. I gave him a trip that we took and told him what we paid. I said can you match that and the phone was silent. We contacted American Express after finding out they couldn’t proform Case X071937 after two tries with them I was told they cann’t challege a business because of their contract with businesses using their card. I would have to proceed with an attorney on our own. .

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