Member Travel Services Review


They do a very hard sell. We fell for it; we were sold something we didn’t want for $7,000 plus $149 a year. And of course you pay for any travel expenses over and above the “membership”. They say they give a reduced rate, but the only time we used their service for a hotel in Monterey the hotel cost just $6 more had we booked it on our own. We tried to use their service two more times; in both cases they couldn’t help us. Busy times of the year they said, we were able to find our own hotels. | They prey on senior citizens, which we are. After a week of having signed up we wanted out of the deal, but they said no, we had signed a contract. Is there no recourse for unfulfilled services? The whole thing is absurd, $7K to get some discounts. We were had. We are embarrassed, but we want at the least half our money back.


  • Name: Member Travel Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: New Smyrna Beach
  • Address: 424 Luna Bella Lane Suite 113
  • Phone: 386-763-5778
  • Website:

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