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I used Mercer’s storage business, Hillcrest Storage, for nearly two years, and almost always paid my fee on time. I paid through the end of March, but when I came to collect my belongings on the last Saturday of that month, I found the unit surrounded by a gate which had been put up without notifying me. I called frantically, to ask how to retrieve my stuff. No one responded to my call for FOUR DAYS, at which point I was given the gate code, which was of no use, since it was now midweek, and the first day of a new, unpaid month in which I had never intended to keep my stuff in storage. Now, Mercer is trying to get me to pay for another month, since that particular locked-out Saturday had been my last chance to borrow a truck and enlist the help of a few friends. In addition to the extra 50% fee he is trying to extort from me for not paying for the extra month, I have been sent a notice telling me that my things will be disposed of at the end of this month, which is TWO MONTHS EARLIER than what is stated in the contract I signed two years ago. And Mercer will NOT return my calls. Extremely dishonest people. I cannot, in good faith, recommend dealing with such slimy people, and I do not know how someone like that sleeps at night, knowing that he is stealing someone else’s earthly comfort and wealth.

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