Merchandize liquidators Review


I am a single mom who invested everthing I had with this company, I was offered cosmetics from Loreal and Maybelline, they charged me $1.50 per piece, saying that of all them were new, I got excited thinking I was getting a great offer, but when I received my package I almost had a heart attack! Everything was non branded cosmetics, just few pieces of some loreal mascaras that were dried, all of the pieces were out of date, dried, without the packages! Wasted of money! I got so mad and when I called they put me on hold for long periods and then a guy was very rude to me, he said they never promised the cosmetic were going to be loreal and Maybelline, Liars! This is how this company steals your money, they play with you and fool you…they refuse to give me my money back or any other help….what a liars! Scammers! Please be careful dont buy from merchandize liquidators, they are going to steal your money .

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