Merchant Industry LLC Review


Merchant Industry, LLC which is run by Clark Krimer in Queens New York on Austin Street, is a fraudulent and dishonest business entity. In my whole adult and professional life, I have never come across a group of people as unprofessional, unaccountable and dishonest as of until I started a business relationship with them. | The owner Clark Krimer of Merchant Industry, LLC was recently indicted for allegedly money-laundering and promoting prostitution. I found this article recently on Newsday. | Of course my story is very similar to all those who have had the unfortunate fate of doing business with these con-artists. As a small business owner everything and everyone is accounted for. I, like every other fair-minded business person, am always looking for ways to cut unnecessary costs. | Merchant Industry offered me sweetheart of a deal. They PROMISED me a certain amount of savings that could be accumulated each month. They PROMISED me rates, discounts, fee waivers and so on. They even told me that they had the authority to disengage me from the contract I had with my previous processor. | I believed them (or in my case it was a ‘sales rep’) and took their word and regrettably signed the service agreement. BIG MISTAKE. I tried to right this wrong by calling them and having this resolved in a rightful manner. But instead of having this sickening issue resolved in a humane manner, I was left for dead. I had never felt so small, so helpless, so humiliated, so furious. | To Merchant Industries it was as if I was the one that was trying to pull a fast one. Their customer service rep on the phone had tried to make me think that It was I who had mistake of not fully understanding the terms and agreement of the service. After all, I had signed the agreement. | Now the ball was in their hands and they could play any which way that they pleased. I was ridiculed, harassed and at one point in my conversation with a ‘supervisor’ named Sandy, I was actually laughed at, literally. So from entry level customer service to upper-level authority, there was no one there that had a hint of professionalism. Nobody was accountable for any lies, deceits, fraud that had occurred. | I highly recommend any other victims to such vultures like Merchant Industries to PLEASE come forward with your story and report these sinister scam artists to the Federal Trade Commission or Better Business Bureau.


  • Name: Merchant Industry LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Astoria
  • Address: 36-36 33rd St #306
  • Phone: 866-811-1005
  • Website:

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