Mercia Rentals Chapel Hill North Carolina


Complaint: I never rented from this company or Mark Patmore, but after inquiring about a house and viewing it, reading reviews and his behavior I’m never going to. When I set up the showing, he was very curt and rude in his email; no greetings or salutations, no politeness whatsoever. I figured he might be a perfectly nice guy who just wasn’t able to make that come across in email. Not so. He was incredibly brisque and rude when we met, too. He didn’t even say hello, just “Who am I showing this house to?”” He showed me and my housemates a house which claimed to be newly renovated (but also said it’d been renovated in 2013…that was five years ago?) with new paint and carpets. It clearly wasn’t. The house was a dump. The walls were dirty and damanged

Tags: Landlords

Address: the carpet was shredded

Website: cramped

Phone: the whole house smelled kind of moldy. I am actually really impressed with house dirty the walls were; I have no idea how one gets their walls so gross. Either it wasn’t actually renovated recently

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