Merrit Hawkins Boardman Oregon


Complaint: also stated “not in policy to return money”” which is not in our contract. They stated a “”free search”” if physician is no show or quits within a 90 period. We are not sure we ever talked to a physician let alone employ one. It has been 90 days+ since Merritt Hawkins was supposed to provide another physician

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Address: they have failed in fact it looks as if they were not even searching as “”JB”” VP of Hawkins stated I will instruct “”someone to search”” we have not heard from them since. It looks like a classic scam involving a large sum of money $45000+ Merritt Hawkins rec’d but did not remotely fulfill their contract nor will they return our money. This must be a very questionable business to take advantage and create a bill

Website: honest pay for honest service Merritt Hawkins (MH) by contract was hired to provide a physician for employ here at our medical center. They did not provide this service although someone was in contact with us acting as a physician but talks fell off as soon as we sent fees. MH billed and rec’d payment from new staff members not well versed in dealing with staff agencies and were paid a total of $45

Phone: receive funds and not provide a service. I find it unbelievable this happened as most reputable companies search for free and only charges a fee when the employee is on site and working. Merritt Hawkins took advantage of new staff unacquainted with normal business practice of staffing agencies. Most are honest however we learned a valuable and costly lesson here. Please avoid this company at all costs. America was built on good

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