META BANK – READY DEBIT LOGIN Fall River Massachusetts Review


This bank has been discustin to deal with as they have funds of over 1000 dollars and i cant access…According to them, i need a new card first….When i call and speak to a MANAGER/ AGENT….i get run around and the same person kept on coming back pretending to be a MANAGER….SHE tried to charge me 25 dollars to get a new card to get my own money out…still waiting… The bank asked me to update my adress, then tell me i cannot verify the adress, therefore, i might not get it…are you kidding me..who says that….YEA, IM SENDING it to you, but you might no get what you need to access my funds….I AM STILL WAITING….. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS POOR….AND CHARGING ME FOR 25 DOLLARS, for a new card is uncalled for….and not to mention, I STILL CANNOT access my account… AVOID” READY DEBIT CARDS FROM WALMART / SUPERMARKET…Thats THE CARD THE BANK USES


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