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Complaint: I bought a vehicle after test driving it for about a half hour. The muffler sounded a little loud but it was new, and the business owner assured me it was ‘just the tailpipe’ so i said ok. The next day, the check engine light came on. Code reader said muffler. I figured it wasnt that big of a deal right away, after all he said it was the tailpipe. Well then the muffler blew up when i was driving it. Now the vehicle loses power, stalls, and backfires. So it is not the tailpipe and whatever problem it has that caused the muffler to blow up was not fixed. They ignored the problem and just put a new muffler on to cover up the real problem. Now how am i supposed to get to work to pay my rent? I can’t put my infant son in that vehicle. Why didn’t the guy fix it right? And since he didn’t. ..why didn’t he give me a heads up…he straight up lied to my face. Do not ever buy a vehicle from Tim Gull at Metro Transmission, under any circumstances. I have been ripped off. I spent all my money thinking i would have a good, safe, reliable vehicle for my family to get around in. I don’t have money to fix it because i gave it all to this guy. I hope karma is real. I have been crying about this for the last week i don’t know what to do.

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Address: 929 Blairs Ferry Road marion, Iowa USA


Phone: 3777769

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