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Complaint: It has been a while however this experience has stuck in my head as it was a very lousy one. I was driving home from work one night. I was on the freeway and driving about 65 in the left lane. I came up on a car that was going only 40 miles per hour on the freeway and in the passing lane. I got very startled and high beamed them. I then realized it was a state trooper. I thought maybe they were about to turn left to possible do a U turn but that was not the case. He then pulled me over. Officer Michael Clement came to my windows and asked if I high beamed him to move over. I then explained that a was very startled as I was coming up on him very fast and very shocked to see someone driving so slow on the freeway especially in the left lane. He then told me that he was driving slow because it was slippery from the rain. However it had stopped raining well over an hour ago and it was not slippery. I was very baffled a state trooper would be driving like he was as it was quite dangerous. He then asked me how my driving record was (why I don’t know as I hadn’t done anything). I told him it was good. All of a sudden he began to start screaming at me telling me he was going to give me a ticket if I kept being “wise””. I was very confused at that time as I had said nothing wise at all. He then told me I was driving too fast and following too close which was false as I was driving the speed limit and did not get too close to any other vehicle. He spoke down to me while shouting at me. Told me not to ask questions when I asked him what I had said as though I was a child. I was very offended and got a pen and paper to write his name and badge number down when he came back. I found this very inappropriate. He took a long time which I know from knowing police officers (not all very good and some good) that that is something they do on purpose to be rude to someone. He then came back and told me that my license was suspended and threatened to arrest me which was absurd. Yes the law states you can be arrested for driving with a suspended license but is not appropriate under the circumstances of which my license was suspended. Turned out I had simply forgot to pay a $100 fine. He told me he wouldn’t arrest me but was going to toe my vehicle and write a ticket. I explained I did not feel I deserved that and he then continued to speak down to me over and over as though I was no one who deserved to be respected. He was very arrogant and ignorant. I continued to argue with him to the point where I got very upset. I was over fifty miles from home and had no one to pick me up as well as the fact that the ticket and toe would have cost several hundred dollars. I explained I could pay the fine over the phone or at any computer. He eventually let me know he had internet on his computer in the car. I then paid it on his computer however the toe truck had already came and I had to pay $100 for them coming out which I felt was very unjust. Also while paying the ticket on his computer which took three minutes he acted as though he was going way out of his way for me. Can’t say I see how taking three minutes to allow me to do this was going out of his way. I had not done anything wrong in this situation other then forget to pay a fine. He had done several things wrong. I can only imagine how this person has treated others. I hope professional or personal associates of Michael Clement read this and know what a lousy human being this person is. Unprofessional

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Phone: very disrespectful. Only could a government worker get away with this.”

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